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Sqreen helps you get started in a minute to protect your apps

Sqreen Quick Start

Protecting your application and user accounts is easy with Sqreen. If you don’t already have a Sqreen account, sign up for a free trial and create the first application you want to protect.

Sign up for your free plan

Our free 14-day trial provides all Sqreen features to help you get started.

The Interactive Tutorial helps you protect your application with Sqreen in less than 5 minutes.

Protect your application in minutes

Sqreen is designed to be very simple to get off the ground, yet powerful and extensible.

After signing up for a Sqreen account, we'll walk you through setting up your first application.

  1. Select your tech stack: Sqreen supports Node.js, Ruby, Python, and PHP (in beta). Select which technology your web application is built on.
  1. Name your application: Let us know what you call your app. This is just a label that we use to help you sort the various applications you might have registered with Sqreen.
  1. Install Sqreen's library in your application (1 min). Follow the Installation instructions provided on the next screen, or refer to the following links for more information:
  1. Deploy your app with Sqreen: At this point, we're waiting to hear from the Sqreen agent that you've installed in your app. Go ahead and deploy your app to a development or staging server. We'll let you know when we hear from your agent.
  1. Enable protection (optional): Now you can decide if you want to enable protection right away, or if you'd prefer to start in monitoring-only mode. Read more about the differences between monitoring mode & protection mode if you aren't sure what to choose.
  1. Enable user monitoring (5 min): Sqreen can help tie attacks to registered users in your application. Here is your chance to enable that feature. Taking advantage of it in your application settings requires choosing between automated users monitoring or custom integration with our SDK. Refer to Protect user accounts section for more information. See more information according to your platform:
  1. Deploy Sqreen on your Production server (1 min): simply deploy your app with Sqreen. That's it!

  2. Set up Slack in your application settings. Refer to Slack integration section for more information.

  3. Enable the protection in your apps. Sqreen starts by default in monitoring-only mode. You can enable/disable the protection mode any time from your dashboard.


Sqreen helps you get started in a minute to protect your apps