What is Sqreen

This guide describes the protection covered by Sqreen and the installation steps to deploy the agent in your applications.

Protection against vulnerabilities

Sqreen agent monitors functions in the application (I/O, authentication, network, command execution, etc.) and provides dedicated security logic at run-time.

Sqreen protects applications against common security threats, like database injections, cross-site scripting attacks. More information here.

Notifications (email or Slack notifications) are sent when attacks require attention.

Here are some security events which can be reported:

  • Database injection (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Cross-site scripting attack
  • Significant bad bot / scan activity against the application (scans which require attention)
  • Peak of HTTP errors (40x, 50x) related to security activity against the application
  • Target (human) investigation led against your application
  • New vulnerabilities detected in a third-party modules used by the application

Users protection

Sqreen monitors authentication activity inside the application to detect and block account takeover attacks.

Here are some security events which can be reported:

  • Account enumeration
  • Password bruteforce
  • Stolen credentials
  • Suspicious behaviors
  • Or unusual/simultaneous geolocations


Sqreen agent installs in the application as a standard module. Follow the appropriate link below to install Sqreen, according to your platform:

What is Sqreen